Do you ever feel you are holding onto someone or something the best you can but you feel a part of yourself breaking? That is where I am at currently in life.

I didn’t want to leave myself susceptible to heartbreak but here I am writing about it. I got married and thought that one person could never tear my heart apart. I gave my all and even the parts I wasn’t capable of giving after my Mom passed away.

I won’t divulge into personal details but I lost almost all the trust I have for him. I am holding onto the pieces I love, which is all if any, and it is just so difficult. I don’t feel well being touched by him. I don’t feel any connection to him. I feel violated.

What do you do when the person you have loved for so long has broken your trust? How do you regain it? How do you trust again?

A bowl of ice cream and bubble bath aren’t going to fix this one overnight.


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